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The Valiz For a shared virtual tour in your meeting room

The Valiz

The Virtual Reality Valiz is an innovative technology for presenting your projects. Imagine yourself looking through a large window, seeing your environment in life size.

You can then move the window to visit the entire scene in Virtual Reality. Thanks to 3D glasses tracked by sensors, the image will always be adapted to your point of view, whatever your position.


The Suitcase is, as its name suggests, an ultra-compact Virtual Reality tool that is as easy to carry as a carry-on bag.

The full HD projector allows the image to be projected very close to the screen, while maintaining a wide 3.40 metre span.

Its Advantages

Easy to implement


20 minutes of installation time is enough

The Valiz is aptly named: the projection system is contained in a 55 x 35 x 25 centimeter case.

It is therefore as easy to transport as it is to set up, since the tool has been designed to be used by the customer alone, if he so wishes.

Dematerialised & scalable presentation


With the showroom or project virtualization 

Thanks to Virtual Reality, you will be able to present your work to your client in a language that he will easily understand.

You will also be able to interact with the elements of the virtual environment and have them test several configurations.

This allows a high degree of transparency and is a sales support for your team and a decision-making help for your customers

Full-size project that doesn’t take up space


The required distance is 1.50 metres

You wanted to immerse yourself in Virtual Reality on a 1:1 scale… But you don’t have the space to accommodate a Cube?

This is where the Valiz comes into its own. You can enjoy a full-size 3D projection surface in a simple meeting room or even in an office.

Several people can work together in front of the projection window, for collaborative work.