IUT la Ciotat Virtual Reality Training

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the IUT of La Ciotat for the development of a virtual reality training program in collaboration. Together, we have created an innovative solution specifically designed for virtual reality headsets and the cube.

This training solution will be utilized by CSPS (Coordinator for Safety and Health Protection) students and professionals, providing them with an immersive and engaging learning experience. Our virtual reality solution is fully customizable for the IUT, allowing the creation of new scenarios that meet the specific needs of their training programs.

The undeniable advantage of this approach lies in eliminating the constraints of the real world. There is no longer a need to visit actual construction sites or constantly rely on a trainer’s presence. Through virtual reality, students will be able to experience realistic work situations and develop essential skills in safety and health protection, all in a safe environment and at their own pace.

We express our deep gratitude to the IUT of La Ciotat for their trust in this project. We are thrilled to collaborate with them once again to push the boundaries of learning through virtual reality. Together, we are opening new perspectives for innovative and immersive training.