Tecnal 3D review in the cube - New moulding line


We worked with Tecnal, a company specializing in production line equipment for dairies and cheese factories. Tecnal was tasked with equipping a new molding line for one of its clients, who had recently expanded their building.

This is where we came in, deploying the “Virtual Reality Cube” and creating a 3D review of the project. This device allowed the dairy team to discover the eight new stations equipped with an automatic stacking system in an immersive way.

The cube was installed in the dairy’s hangar, offering a unique experience to employees who were able to visualize this expansion project with even more realism. The employees were able to discover the equipment in three dimensions, finding themselves in the middle of the cheese racks.

This virtual reality experience was extremely beneficial for the dairy team, who were able to better understand the operation of the new production line. In addition, by using this innovative technology, Tecnal demonstrated its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients, positioning the company as a leader in its field.

Thanks to our collaboration, Tecnal offered a unique immersive experience to its clients, who were able to visualize their new project with realism!