Proformasec A mixed reality training

Proformasec specializes in the fire safety field, occupational health and environmental policy. They need a way to fire train people without causing risks to them or their real working environment. After a technological watch identifying the state of the art for possible technical solutions, we guided them towards mixed reality (fusion of virtual and real elements in the same environment.

We chose the HTC Vive headset and its trackers which allows to localize third party elements in space. The headset is coupled with a stereo camera to visualize the surrounding environment and transpose it inside the headset.

It becomes possible to create a fire in any place. Fire extinguishers are located by the trackers within the play space and connected to the headset, thus making it possible to operate on a fire without consuming any product or risking any deterioration of the place.

This is a new technology for fire safety training that allows you to acquire the right gestures in your own work environment.