Jyga Process Since September 2017, design reviews at JYGA are done in 3D immersion

It is a collaboration between industry & technology that offers a new look at the projects carried out for the design of the end of line machines of the largest manufacturers. Virtual Reality has been integrated into JYGA’s offer, which proposes to all its clients reviews in our immersive Cube.It allows to work on a practical and accessible tool in a collaborative atmosphere.

Thanks to our tool, JYGA’s teams and their clients can study ergonomics, space requirements and dimensioning constraints. They can also involve their operators in the development of their future workstations and train them on new equipment. This approach guarantees constructive exchanges between technical and operational staff.

For the presentation of this partnership, it was the Exhibitions days in September 2017 that allowed us to introduce the offer to JYGA’s customers. We presented a virtual reality stage displaying a case packing machine that was physically present in the workshop. Visitors were able to compare both virtual and physical aspects of the machine.

A real success that led to interesting meetings for both JYGA and BAO Virtuelle.