Duret Promoteur A visite in the heart of your future flat!

Duret Promoteur, a specialist in property development in Vendée and Loire Atlantique regions, is planning to build a new residence in Nantes called “Le Carré de Flore”.

The residence will consist of 32 flats.

The construction of the residence is planned for 2021. Duret Promoteur wishes to present its future flats as soon as possible to potential buyers.

As their agencies have been equipped with virtual reality headsets since the beginning of 2018, they called BAO Virtuelle to integrate a virtual visit of new show flats. To this end, the team carried out:

-Modelling of the different flats based on provided the 2D plans.

-Integration of textures, lights and furniture.

-Drone photography of the exterior panorama to integrate the real view of the flats.

-The creation of an application that can be used with their equipment.

Virtual visits through headsets allow a total immersion within the flat before it is even built and thus are a relevant tool for sale support.